Health, health care, illness, last lecture, linda rottenberg, medical miracles, medical news, osteosarcoma, paging dr. Gupta, parenting, randy pausch, sanjay gupta, sarcoma, the council of dads posted in books | 1 comment » 6 good men: the council of dads adds a new twist to friendship sunday, april 25th, 2010 from the new york daily news. Bruce feiler’s twin daughters, eden and tybee, were 3 when he was diagnosed with a rare form of bone cancer in 2008. Just days afterward, the best-selling brooklyn author came up with the idea of asking six friends to look out for his daughters should he not survive. Feiler’s moving new book, “the council of dads,” tells their story. How did the council of dads come about? It was a reaction to a fear about what my daughters’ lives might be like without me. The first thing i imagined was all the things i would miss … all the questions they would have. “what would daddy think about this? cheap generic viagra buy viagra viagra for sale cheap generic viagra viagra for sale buy cheap viagra generic viagra cheap viagra online buy viagra online ”“what would daddy say about that? ” where did the idea spring from? I awoke from a half sleep, and there was … this letter forming in my head to my closest friends asking them to be there to answer my daughters’ questions. I said out loud, “i will call this group of men the council of dads. ” as soon as i said those words, it seemed like they lived in the room. How did you choose the members? I was trying to fill the dad space. My wife, linda, and i agreed that we should pick people who embodied all sides of me, each phase of my life. There is a travel dad. A make-your-dreams-happen dad. A values dad. A playful dad. A thinking dad. A nature dad. Now i kind of think of it as a team of godparents updated for a modern age. How did it affect your friendships with the men? The first time i read the letter to a friend i’d chosen, he’s crying. I’m crying. He said yes, and i was taken aback. I hadn’t realized this was a request you could turn down. In the end, they weren’t family, they weren’t just friends anymore. We − my wife and i and the girls − just had this whole new relationship in our lives. It also changed your life? The council of dads turns out to be less about parenting and more about friendship. We all think there’s a divide be. viagra or viagra for young men